Thursday, November 13, 2008

Worthless and Unproductive

I have been absolutely worthless the last couple of days.

Leaving sick from work on Wednesday, I made my way home at 930am. Since 10am yesterday I have taken two doses of NiQuil, slept over 24 hours, eaten a bit, piddled on the computer, and have watched TV.

What a worthless couple of days... I would say that I've been bored, but every time I hit the place of possible boredom I fell asleep again. The hubby joked today that I've gotten my quota for sleep hours, but I think at least the extra, super extra rest has helped kick whatever sickness I might have had... I am happy to say that as of a couple hours ago... I am beginning to feel much better! If this keeps up, I'll be certain to make it to work tomorrow and be ready for all the weekend activities planned.

HGTv - yes I'm still addicted - entertained me throughout the awake daytime TV hours. Can't get enough of it. Wish I had all the tools and know how of those folks - wow!

Below is just a random photo of me from Robin's wedding weekend (Sept 08). It seemed to fit with the thought of being worthless and unproductive for a couple days.


BMS said...

Oooo Oooo-I almost used this background!
Sorry you're feeling bad!!!

Mrs. McGoo said...

Great minds must think alike Britt! thanks for the well wishes.