Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Target is Evil.

yes. Target is evil. As many times as I've said I'm addicted to HGtv, I would have to say the same thing about Target. It's ridiculous.

Wait. I have to sidetrack for a second, just thought of something. The other day, during my coffee date with (girl) Kelly, I opened Kelly's birthday card and gift. While I was thanking her for her and Elian's generosity in their gift, she went on to tell me that she had hoped to give me a magazine subscription instead. A subscription to HGtv magazine, however, to her knowledge there is no such thing. HA! I thought that was hilarious. I'm addicted enough, and talk about it enough that one of my best friends wants to even add to the madness by giving me a magazine about it all. How awesome is that? or maybe scary, I don't know which.

So anyway, back to Target. You go into the store with one item in mind. Item A.

You say to yourself or to your husband or friend, "hey I'm headed to Target to get A." You go on your way, walk into the store, and BAM! before you know it you get A, B, C, D, E, .... and a $50-100 bill, easy!

I don't get it. How does that always happen? Before Kelly and I got married, I had to set myself to a bi-monthly Target visit, otherwise, I could go once a week and spend $100+ a week on randomness. That's NOT GOOD for the budget.

Today, it happened to me. I managed to get out of the door with less than a $50.00 bill, but I wasn't planning on buying ANY of the items I left with. I went into Target with the plan of getting ITEM A - a birthday gift for my coworker. As I walked through the aisles, attempting to make my way to the Halloween aisle for the gift, I first came upon the candle section. I picked up a bag of plain tea light candles (item B) - I used our last one last night. So that was sort of a "need". Next I walked to the Halloween section. There was nothing on cheesy for my coworker's gift, so I made my way to the electronic department - to my defense, it was sort of on the way. There I stopped and picked up a movie - IRONMAN (item C) for my hubby. I bought it as a happy for him. Next I went to the card section, looking for a card to add to the happy. Instead, I picked up two boxes of cute thank you cards (items D & E). Finally, I picked up the card to put with my hubby's happy (item F). Then I decided I wanted to wrap the happy in something, so I picked up a back for the movie, I rationalized this one because it was only $.34 (item G). As I looked over the multiple items in my hand, I decided it was time to get to the check out line before more damage was done. There I was psychologically stimulated by the product placement of candy - geez louizzz - I picked up two Laffy Taffy bars (items H & I) that were calling my name.

Do you see what I mean? Does this ever happen to you?

I went for item A. I ended up NOT GETTING item A, rather I walked out of Target with Item B, C, D, E, F, G, H, and I.

Target is addictive, you could spend hours in that store, and spend lots of money while you're at it.


Kelly said...

Don't worry, you are not alone in your weakness! It is worse when you quit your job, lessening your household income, and giving yourself more time on your hands to go to Target - double whammy on the budget!

Britt said...

Oh I agree with that comment! I went today and dropped $130 on pajama pants, an outfit for Greyson (b/c it was on sale), Mounds bars, a t-shirt, microwave meals, etc. I didn't need any of it. I am terrible!

Kel said...

I'd say the same thing with me on best buy. However, my wife doesn't let me go into that store so it's a moot point.

Mrs. McGoo said...

Kel, your wife must be horrible. How do you live like that?


Kel said...

One day at a time mrs mcgoo...one day at a time.