Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Party

This weekend friends and I put together (I did little, but was still considered a hostess... I think the most I did was pay $10 for food and bring chairs and tables) a Pumpkin Party. It was a fun excuse to get a group of friends together and socialize with a little bit of a different purpose.

It was a blast. The goal was for everyone to bring a pumpkin and a bag of candy. We'd eat together, and then compete to see who could do the best pumpkin carving (winning getting a small prize) and spread the candy into goodie bags we would all take home.

The cool thing is, even though everyone did not bring a pumpkin to carve as planned (myself and the hubby included), it ended up being a great blend of carvers and socializers. The carvers focused intently on their mission, while the socializers buzzed around and "ewwwww'd and awwwww'd" at the works of art. This blend made for good conversation and interaction throughout the night. It was a beautiful chilly evening, and we all enjoyed the luxury of Candace's garage and the fire pit outside the garage door that allowed us to roast some smokin and yummy s'mores. Yum, Yum.

Here are a few pics I took throughout the night, a few of many. It was good night.

- Here's the group of hostesses, and my hubby being charming as ever behind us.

- I love this one. Tina & I + Jeff. Love the look on Jeff's face, classic.

- The hubby was ready for me to stop the picture taking, but then again, I always get an odd face out of him when the camera is flashing.

- Finally, the hubby got into the camera action. Alan, on the other hand, wasn't so sure.

- An example of the grub being served and yet again Kelly's photogenic action. Check out my necklace... the ghosts lit up and flashed, you can catch a few blue ones in this pic.

Good times. I can't believe Halloween is practically here, and November begins on Saturday. Where has 2008 gone?

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