Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Man Wants to Get in Trouble

Sometimes I wonder how I am blessed to have a husband that gets along with my mother so well. Seriously, not all men truly get along and are buds with their mother in law. But I think I'm safe to say that the hubby and mom really get along. They have this really comical banter that goes on. For example, mom lovingly refers to my husband as "What's his name". That's right. There are emails sent like this "Do you and what's his name want to come over for dinner tonight?" It's hilarious because she totally doesn't think of him that way. Dad even says sometimes that mom is trying to be "THAT" mother in law, ha, but it's all in jest. Well, Kelly took a step forward in that mutual banter Friday, a step that I thought might make him get in trouble.

To be honest, my response to what he did was, "you're really trying to get in trouble aren't you?" ha. I thought, wow.

So this is what he did, and I'll tell you how it went.

Mom LOVES to take goofy pics. Really goofy pics. We (Kelly, Robin, Kelsey, and I) love it because it cracks us up. But sometimes we're trying to get a cute shot, and there it goes - mom's tongue sticks out, or she squinches her face up in a goofy way, or she cocks her head to the side really oddly. It never seems to fail, 95% of the time we get a goofy shot of mom. We've begun to collect these hysterical shots and use them against her.

Example: during the Christmas season there was a office depot Grinch thing where you can add a face to it. Kelly found a shot of mom sticking out her tongue and stuck the picture onto the Grinch's body. The Grinch danced all around and did this funny jiggy. It was so funny! I can still see the ending move with mom's face on it... it's this whole body shake thing. ha ha. So funny, wish I had it to share again here. So now we refer to odd pictures of mom like these as the "Grinch shots".

Well, on Friday a new "add your face to this thing" popped up. The McDonald's Olympics Face of Glory, or something like that. Yep, you guessed it, Kelly tackled it and put another Grinch shot of mom up on there. I'll let you judge the hysterical nature of it for yourself, or if he should get in trouble.

After watching it, as I mentioned before, I said, "you're trying to get yourself in trouble, aren't you?" ha. What do you think? Could most men send their mother in law images like this of them and get away with it? So what do you think was mom's reply?

"You are sooooo bad" with a smiley face.

See!!! He can get away with it. What a son in law... He sends goofy shots of her on random Olympic bodies, and on GUY'S bodies nonetheless, and she still shows a smile and cracks up about it. They have to have a good relationship for him to get away with this kind of stuff. I love it. I think mom loves it. I think it comes down to the fact that she knows he loves her. And THAT, is awesome.

My family is crazy. I love em!

Ps. Later in the evening last night we received a Face of Glory video of Kelly, from mom. ha! I'd post that one too, but I do not have access to the link to attach it.


Kelly said...

I can hear your mom snorting in laughter from here :)

Mrs. McGoo said...

Ha! Love it!

Kel said...

It's more like a high pitch giggle. All the wilson women have it

"freckles" said...

We only have it when we all are laughing REALLY hard together.. then we just laugh in unison. :)

Anonymous said...

The video is WAY too funny. Great job.. Love you guys.. Brad