Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Party Til the Tree Comes Down

Kelly's birthday was yesterday. We planned a surprise get together for him, complete with Central BBQ - Kelly's favorite - catering. Yum, Yum.

We had a great group of people together to eat, fellowship, and celebrate Kelly's birthday and first day back to school. It was a success!

The above picture is the amazing cake Mrs. J made for the event. Everyone raved about this cake! Absolutely delicious, a perfect size for those attending, and decorated with Kelly's new academic home. He'll always be a true blue Kentucky fan, but now will have some more Tiger pull as he goes to college there and works hand in hand with the Men's soccer team. Go Tigers. At least it's still the same color as UK.

Well, we must have partied so hard last night, it brought the tree down. Granted, everyone left by 9pm because it was a Monday night and didn't drink anything stronger than a Coca-Cola, but Kelly and I have had an interesting morning already. We woke up, like any morning, doing our normal routine. Kelly even went outside to grab something out of the car for me.

Then Dexter started barking at the front door pretty intensely. We heard a little something, but I said "oh, Dex must be barking at that guy again that walks like 5 dogs at a time." And we didn't think anything more of it.

I quickly learned that there was more to the story when I stepped outside to take out the trash... there in the front yard was 1/2 of our tree. No longer standing as it should, rather totally sprawled out across our yard and ON the neighbors driveway. Yikes. How did that happen?

So I sit here, missing some work, waiting on the landscapers to help me take down this tree and get it out of the way and blogging about it. Above are the pictures I took of the event this morning. One is from our driveway. That's the neighbors car and their driveway that the tree lays all across. The second photo is one of where the split happened. The third picture is a shot from the backside of the tree, it's from the angle in front of the neighbors house. The fourth shot is from our sidewalk look straight at the tree and back at our house. Kelly and I tried to move the 1/2 tree, it doesn't look too bad, but it wasn't happening. It's definitely heavy.

Below is a pictures of what is left of the tree after the emergency clean up. We will soon have everything that is left done away with. Thank you SOOO much to our buddy, Carper for helping us out this morning!!!


Britt said...

That is crazy!!!!!!! Did you hear it happen? Sorry about Kelly ruining the surprise--but I think it was a success anyway!

Hallie said...

Wow! I'm just thankful no one was hurt...and that the tree didn't fall on your house!

Happy Birthday, Kelly.

Kelly said...

On our way out last night, a branch from that tree was hanging low over the sidewalk. Elian said something like, "They need to cut that branch," as he stooped under/around it... I guess God decided to honor that request!