Thursday, August 7, 2008

Life Is Good

If you have a gmail account for your email, you'll automatically know what I mean when I talk about my hubby's gmail chat tag line. If you do not have gmail as your email account, I'll go into a bit more explanation for you. PS. you should get one. Gmail Rocks.

On gmail, you have a chat function (like aol chat or msn chat), but it's automatic with those that also have a gmail account. It's a really great feature. A quick way to interact with folks if they are online the same time you are.

This morning, I smiled really big about Kelly's tag line.

It reads: "Got me a sugar momma...and I love is good!"

He's right, about the "life is good" part. Life is good. God is blessing us each and everyday, providing for our needs as we go. My hubby starts school this month, going back to college full-time, so our family income has been reduced, but God continues to provide where we need and we are super excited about it all.

On another note, while I was looking for my "life is good" image to add to my post. I came upon another reason my hubby could say "life is good" even beyond what he's written on his tag line. This picture says it all.

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Britt said...

i just got Grey some Life Is Good brand pajamas and they are soooo cute!