Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We Did It!

There is no other way to describe the completion of this past trimester of nursing school except what is exemplified in the image above and using the simple but larger than life words: "We Did It"!

The last 15 weeks have been the most difficult in all of my schooling history! Mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually draining! More than ever before this past trimester I questioned, "why am I doing this"?

Oddly enough, however not surprising when I really think about it... I now feel the most accomplished I have ever felt regarding my education with the completion and passing of this trimester. It was the hardest ever - it didn't come easy, and therefore required much of me. I love what Isaiah 26:12 says about being "accomplished"...

"Lord, you establish peace for us; 
all that we have accomplished you have done for us."

There is no doubt that the Lord was faithful this trimester, providing constant encouragement for me through my fabulous husband, amazing family, great friends, and terrific study mates! I'm ever thankful for making it to the next step - 1 year to go!

In the same breath that I'm praising God for His provision for me through this trimester, I am also lifting up and asking my Father for comfort, wisdom, encouragement, and direction for many of my classmates! There were more than a few this go around that did not pass this trimester with the minimum 77C - anything less causes you to fail and repeat (only 1 repeat is allowed throughout your entire nursing coursework at our school, the need for a 2nd repeat is the end of your school career at our college). As a class, we become very close considering the substantial hours we spend together at school and in the hospital. Therefore, I ache with my classmates and work to fight and encourage them to continue. I'm praying that they allow God to give them the strength necessary to try again! They are not far from my thoughts as I celebrate my completion this trimester.

So with the Summer 2012 Trimester completed, I get to enjoy 2.5 weeks of "free" time without school. Yup, I get to go home or visit friends after work, rather than hopping on the interstate straight to campus or the hospital each night. I'm looking forward to the time and will be updating the blog frequently to catch up on the last 15 weeks of life, as well as share some of the fun things I get to experience during this trimester break. Can't wait.


Frank Bryant said...

I just hope that if I ever spend time in a hospital, I get a nurse like you.

And that Kelly sneaks me a Z-Man.

Mrs. McGoo said...

Love you, UFrank. :) This comment made me smile!