Friday, August 24, 2012

Massive Monster Bush

We've talked about it numerous times, but always delayed removing the massive monster bush to the left of our house. Although a beast, it offered some extra privacy to our living room and ultimately we were unsure what to do with the space. However, before Mr. McGoo left for his family reunion at the beginning of August, he decided "NO MORE!" and coordinated to have it removed while he was away.

I was amazed at the difference as I walked up to my house following class one night. We are still undecided as to what we want to do next. I'm not to keen on another flower bed because I do not have a green thumb and we put little time into our yard these days. So we're still in discussions... we shall see.



TheHarderHerald said...

Looks good!

Robin Kee said...

looks so much the change. :)