Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Instagram Dump

I've enjoyed using Instagram since it has become an app option for the Android phones. Since May, here is some of my Instagram Dump, which tells a good story of some of the things I've done over the past several months.

Grizzlies make the playoffs and we went to see them!
They didn't play well and lost the series.
A beautiful day in our backyard.
Mr. McGoo worked for MEMPHIS IN MAY during the festivities
We were able to meet our nephew, Fisher for the first time days after he was born!
I was in love with Fisher from the start.
Lunch date with my good lookin' man
Kisses before we part ways
Dexter Doo loving on his squirrel (ps. Tango is destroying them)
Best buds
Date Night - first stop Dick's Sporting Goods
Date Night Continued - Target & Boneheads
Commissioning two of our favorites to serve the Lord overseas
Team Ethiopia departing Memphis

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Anonymous said...

Love this! I've loved seeing you blog active the past few days. :) Love you, sis!