Sunday, August 19, 2012

DIY Mini Project

In the middle of school craziness, even the most minor of to dos can seem somewhat impossible. If I find enough time to do said project, ultimately I end up choosing to spend that time with Mr. McGoo or others instead. Saturday afternoon, I saw a window of an opportunity and sprinted to complete my mini DIY project before the sunlight hours disappeared.

The goal: To make the three items to the left of our front door more uniform in color - matching the trim of the house. The three items to the left of our front door include: our house numbers, our letter slot, and our mailbox.

Before: Gold numbers, gold mail slot, and black mailbox.

Method: I used spray paint and a trash bag opened up as my painting background instead of getting it all over the driveway. For each piece, I started with a white primer, followed by white paint, and concluded with a crystal clear satin finish.

After: I'm satisfied with the results! A quick and easy DIY project that has visible results - the best kind of DIY if you ask me. The only thing negative about the mini project is the discovery that the mail slot is not lined up well with our actual mailbox. In almost 5.5 years of living in this home, I never noticed that reality until the completion of this project... Oh well, just adds to the character of our house.

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Anonymous said...

Looks great ! Mom