Friday, September 16, 2011

Book Corner: When Helping Hurts

As hoped and planned, I completed my most current read, Cutting for Stone before a few days after my fall trimester of nursing school began. All 650+ pages were read and like my mother assumed, I enjoyed it. The book was set in Ethiopia, for the most part, and the main character was in the health care profession - two things my life is currently focused on! I most enjoyed realizing I knew many of the medical terms used and situations described, and felt a longing to be back in Ethiopia as I read about many cultural realities of that country presented in the book. Thanks mom for the suggestion and provision of the book. A good, non-thinking read to tackle on "break".

Now with school FULLY underway... more so than I've ever known it to be, the reality is that reading outside of my textbooks is going to be VERY limited. Nevertheless, the "to be read" category of my bookshelf is LARGE and even more, I REALLY want to read them.

So, my newest read will definitely take me awhile... digesting chapter by chapter as I find the time in between school responsibilities.

How to Alleviate Poverty 
Without Hurting the Poor and Yourself
By Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert

This book was suggested by The Forsaken Children director, JB. Last night I tackled everything leading up to Chapter 1. The back of the book is self described to
"reveal the painful truth about poverty. But it does more than tell you what not to do. The book moves from foundational concepts about poverty (Who are the poor?), to principles (Should we do relief, rehabilitation, or development?), to strategies (How can we help the poor domestically? Internationally?). When Helping Hurts guides you toward a true understanding of poverty and a plan to make a difference."

As a board member for The Forsaken Children, a larger understanding of what can help and what can hurt the people our ministry longs to partner with, along with a constant pursuit of what God desires of us and is calling us to, is essential. I am looking forward to gaining a new perspective and further insight into Kindgom building within a community that is physically poor as well as spiritually poor, and showing them the Love and Hope of Jesus Christ in a more healthy and productive way!

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