Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's Your Thoughts?

Mr. McGoo and I have recently had some conversations regarding social networking sites and how they have become a stream of consciousness for us all. Sometimes without thinking we put our random thoughts, first impressions, and opinions in view for all to see - - - often times not stopping long enough to think about who all will see it, how it will be taken by others, who it might affect, etc. We've talked about how connected or even false connected we are with others because of such sites, even blogs such as my own. We both see a good side of social networking (i.e. we keep in much better touch and connection with Mr. McGoo's extended family members that live all over Canada, Bermuda, England, and Australia because of the help of Facebook interactions, pictures, and group chats), but we're also not unaware of the negatives too.

Relevant Magazine's most recent issue published a great article on the topic. Take a read below and let me know what you think. Anything stick out to you? Agree with something? Disagree? I'm interested.

Check it out:

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Tabitha Harder said...

Very interesting article. I like that he points out that Jesus came in a physical body so he could love people and build relationships. He could have chosen a lot of different ways to communicate with us :)

Definitely some things to think about when it comes to social networking.