Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weddings and More

Well, the weekend is coming to a close, as I sit here trying to wrap up a few loose ends before a new week begins. I had a wonderful end of the week (Thurs/Friday) and weekend but it was filled full, busy, and has left me ready for an early bedtime tonight.

The best part of the latter part of the week was that I actually was able to get some great quality time with my main squeeze. In addition, lots was going on...

Wedding Festivities

Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner Thursday.
Wedding photos, prep, ceremony, and reception Friday.

I had the pleasure and honor of being part of my dear friend, Lindsey's big day! We could not have asked for a more gorgeous day to unfold and the ceremony was beautiful and reception was a blast. I especially enjoyed dancing up a storm at the reception with the Jr. Bridesmaid (an adorable 13 year old).

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the big day...

Mrs. & Mr. Smith (oh, and Alan's chin)
Self Portrait - Lindsey & Me
Mr. McGoo and Me - AND Jeff's hand
I loved the bridesmaid dresses - they were gorgeous

Visiting Friend

Our buddy Jeff, who now lives in Michigan came in town and stayed with us Thursday and Friday nights. It was great to see him and have him around for a few days... I know my hubby enjoyed it too, as they kept each other company during the reception while I got my dancing on. It's always nice to catch up with Jeff.

Missions Fair at Church

Our church put on a missions fair today in which they pinpointed the places and ministries available for short term mission trips this coming summer and the different ministries our church partners with locally. I worked with another past Ethiopia teammate, Liz, to put together an Ethiopia table for all to see. We had a team video playing, as well as a digital picture frame flipping through about 70 or so pictures from the trip... and we even offered folks Ethiopian coffee that we got while in Addis Ababa. We worked the table before, after, and in between services today. 

Lunch & Dinner Dates with Friends

Due to our schedule being so crazy as of late, we haven't had the normal availability to catch up with friends... so it was nice to have lunch and dinner on Saturday night with a couple of my favs.

So those are the major happenings of the week/weekend. Another week begins...

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Brittany @ GreyGreyDesigns said...

Gorgeous bridemaids dresses!!! I love them!