Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Surprise 30th!

A few weekends ago, I had the AWESOME opportunity to celebrate my cousin's 30th birthday in a special way. My cuz is two years older than me, and one of my favorite people. She lives in Kansas City and I grew up visiting her and her family (and the rest of my family living up there) on a yearly basis, usually spending 2 weeks on my own up there. In addition, we always spent either Christmas or Thanksgiving - rotating each year - with the family. I have great memories of my time with my cuz and family up there and Kansas City in general... and this surprise weekend will surely stick in my memory forever.

The journey started by my cousin's husband calling my Aunt & Uncle... he was planning a surprise birthday party for my cuz (Lyndy). Her hubby inquired if I and Mr. McGoo would also be willing and able to attend, which set the wheels in motion. I received a phone call from my Aunt one evening asking about the party and wondering if we could come. Unfortunately, Mr. McGoo was going to be out of town that weekend, and I had class and work on Friday, therefore driving was out of the question. So what could we do?

With the sure genius and generosity of my Aunt and Uncle, we devised a plan... I would drive to Nashville Friday evening after work and school and stay with my sister living there (I actually stayed in my sister and brother in laws home, but my youngest sis was the one there - however that's a totally different story). Saturday morning, my sis would take me to the airport and I'd FLY from Nashville to Kansas City - MUCH less expensive than going directly from Memphis. My fabulous Aunt & Uncle covered that cost - whoa!

They picked me up at the airport at 1030am. My cuz, Lyndy, was under the assumption and belief that my Aunt would pick her up around 11am and take her shopping for her birthday present. We arrived at Lyndy's house... she opened the door and greeted her parents, as I stood hidden to the side. "I'm sorry Lyndy, but Mom is not going to be able to go shopping with you today"... "Oh, why not?".... "Because Heather is going with you instead!!!!" (as I stepped out of hidden view)! Great fun seeing Lyndy's reaction and a WONDERFUL day ensued.

So Lyndy's birthday present from her mom and pop was a shopping day with ME. We had a great time, I think it was the first time in 5 years (since her 2nd of three children came along) that we had some one on one adult time. It was wonderful and just what I needed. The trip was as much a blessing and present to me as it was to my beautiful, mother of three, great wife, great daughter, great sister, wonderful cousin, Lyndy!

27 hours later I was back on a plane to Nashville.

But the whirlwind trip was DEFINITELY worth it! The cool history of it was is that my Uncle did this same surprise for his wife, my aunt when she turned 30th. He surprised her by flying up my mother to visit and celebrate with her on her 30th. Neat how it all worked out in a similar fashion for us!

Here are some great photos of the trip. We also had a surprise dinner party for the Lyndy that evening! Happy 30th Lyndy! I love you much!

Clayton - #2 in the child pecking order, but #1 boy.

The first grand baby for my Aunt & Uncle - Madison.

The three girls - Madison, cuz Lyndy, and Mrs. McGoo

My two cousins, Allison & Lyndy (they're sisters, can't ya tell), and Mrs. McGoo

Madison is a bundle of personality. My Uncle coined her the "the commanding princess"

Lyndy with baby #3, Colton - her and her hubby make some GREAT LOOKING children!

Clayton giving me his silly pose

The birthday girl and her daddy, UFrank. I'm a big fan of these two!

My turn to get silly with Clay

My mom's sister, Aunt Terri, and her oldest daughter, Lyndy, and youngest grand babe, Cole

Love this shot - GREAT smile on Clay!

Silly goose!

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Frank Bryant said...

Great pix, except the 5th from the bottom but that's not your fault. Thanks for sharing.