Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Here Comes the Bride

It's been a week since my last post was published, but the reality is that it's been over a week and a half since I've truly written a blog post. See, my last post has been worked on for multiple days prior to the weekend of Nov. 7th, however I wasn't able to proof read and stop to publish the post until the date seen, November 10th. So here I am, a week plus finally saying hello again.

It's been a busy busy few weeks and an emotional roller coaster of sorts. Let's start at the beginning though, this post will not tackle it all - we'll just start like any story, from the beginning...

On November 7, 2009 - our friend Laura Reddin became Mrs. Jay Dawson.
I was blessed to be a part of the entire shindig. From bridal showers to couple showers to work showers to bachelorette/lingerie parties, to bridesmaid luncheons, to the rehearsal dinners, and finally arriving at the BIG DAY, I was able to be there with Laura the entire way. What a fun and busy time!

As the Honorary Attendant, I truly think I had the best part in the entire affair minus the Bride (because seriously, the Bride is always the greatest!). I was able to participate in the same manner as a bridesmaid, however I did not have to buy the same blue dress (even though I too wore blue), and I didn't have to stand during the ceremony. I could run around and do what needed to be done behind the scenes if necessary (the best type), and STILL was able to get all the perks of a bridesmaid. Couldn't ask for anything more. Fabulous. Oh, and the fact that Laura already had three wonderful bridesmaids that were a joy to be around made the festivities even better!

Here is a photo of the Bachelorette/Lingerie Party we had for Laura the Thursday before the Big Day at Sauces. The food was the delish. The mojitos were oh so yummy. The laughter abundant. The goodies for Laura's husband to be extravagent. And the Good times rolled. We got a group shot during the night (below).

Here is a shot (below) of the Bride to Be on the BIG DAY. Her niece (more about her later) actually took this photo. If I remember correctly, she's only 4 (yep, FOUR) and a budding photographer! Doesn't the future (then), NOW Mrs. Dawson look gorgeous?

As promised here is a shot of Laura's niece, aka the flower girl. I call her Sassyfras because she nicknamed me... ready for this... she nicknamed me Goomigoom. Yup. Goom-i (sound like eee) - goom. I had to make her repeat herself a few times before I understood what she was calling me, but it stuck all night and days following. She was my buddy, especially the day of the wedding. I had a blast with her. Thanks Sassyfras (Becca) for keeping me company and taking all those good shots of the day. Ps. Her older brother, I think he's five, Noah took this shot of us below. He asked us to sit as such and pose funny or silly, I forgot how he said it. ha ha.

And last but not least of the shots to share, is a photo of the Bride to be with her other nephew, Eli. He's a cutie too, but I like this photo because Laura looks especially beautiful in this one. We were playing Uno during this shot, while we waited in between pictures and the wedding ceremony. Since the wedding was held at a Catholic church, we had to give time for mass to occur prior to beginning the wedding ceremony. Uno was fun, hadn't played that in forever!

Sorry Jay, I didn't find a photo in my quick mix of the two of you together that did the "cute couple" justice - so I left you out. I'll find one sooner or later and be sure to give you the props! Thank you guys for allowing me and my hubby to be a part of your special day! We are so excited and happy for ya'll!!! CONGRATS Mr. & Mrs. Jay Dawson!!!

So that's some info about two weekends ago... more updates to come soon.


Rachel Reddin said...

I know for a fact that Ms Sassyfras had a great time with her Goomigoom. I can't wait to see the result of her first photographic endevour!! Thanks for all you did before during and after "the Day" I know Laura appreciated and I surely thought you kicked some honary attendent butt!!

Mrs. B said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Heather! You and all of my bridesmaids were absolutely incredible! I felt as though I was the luckiest bride ever to have you a part of my day!

Mrs. McGoo said...

We need to have an UNO night again soon. I think I'm going through withdraw from the middle of the wedding activities already!!! Even if the kiddos beat me! ;)