Thursday, January 26, 2012

Study Attempt

It's pretty normal that after class in the evenings I have to come home, grab a quick bite to eat and begin working on the next task (assignment or study time) at hand. This process is NOT very conducive for my attention desiring furbaby or my rest.

Dex doesn't see his mama from 730am until 9pm+ most days, and therefore when I finally get home, he is more than ready for some TLC. Here is what happens if I haven't given him enough to his liking... good luck studying like this! I even attempt to push his head off, and he comes right back.

And super cute!


Katie said...

Aww! I know these are some long days you're having. Kudos to you for being disciplined and working so hard. We enjoy seeing Kelly on Thursday nights but wish we could see you, too! Hang in there!

Frank Bryant said...

Great picture. Post the one where Mr. McGoo lays his head on the book.