Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Time

Christmas already seems forever ago... but it's really only 17 days ago. Crazy. Most Christmas holidays I look forward to diving into a book or two and spending unlimited time with my family. This Christmas, I definitely was blessed with family time, but I did not pick up a book. My mind needed the rest.

Now 17 days later, the "daily grind" has cranked it up a notch, or ten. Busy busy. Nevertheless, I do not want to forget the great time of Christmas. I must acknowledge the fun time I enjoyed with my family, the rest that was much appreciated and needed, and the awesome reminder that my Savior humbled himself to come to this early for ME (and YOU)!

Merry Christmas!

I took a ton of photos over the week of Christmas... here a few to share. I love my family - I'm so blessed!

Wilson Ladies - minus the fab middle sis, Robin
I love my parents!
Mr. McGoo & I Christmas Eve
Mr. McGoo, Dexter, and I - Christmas Day
Niece Grace and Me
Daddy Larry and Nephew Tristan
Bro and Sis McGoo - Kevin and Leah


Robin Kee said...

LOVE that picture of Mom & Dad!!!

Mrs. McGoo said...

Me too, sis! Totally shows off their personality & relationship - doesn't it? :)