Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Books & Date Night

I didn't realize until right now what a "hot mess" my hair was that day - obviously my study mates and I have gotten so close to one another, none of us care about our looks upon arrival to the group. It is what it is- we have a job to do. We met Friday for nursing school paperwork pursuits at Starbucks. Here is a small sampling of the books we had with us to attempt to get the job done - there were only 3 of us there, the book to person ratio was crazy.

The stack was so big, we had to get a stool from the bar area to put some of them on to have room left on the table itself - craziness. This is life at present! Folks keep asking me "how is school?" and the only answer I know to give is a smile and these words: "it's kicking my butt". But, the Lord is sufficient and is constantly reminding me again and again (I'm hard headed that way) that He's with me and only asks for me to take it one day at a time and never on my own!

In other news, I did have an opportunity to take a break Saturday night after my clinical (645am-415pm) thanks to Mr. McGoo's preparation and pursuits of a date night! We went to a drive-in (one of our favorite things to do), grilled out brauts on the portable grill out there and snuggled in to watch The Grey and Underworld. I made it through The Grey without any trouble, enjoying the quality time with my hubs, however halfway through Underworld I was out, catching Zzzz's.

The flash on Mr. McGoo's phone was INSANE!

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