Thursday, June 24, 2010

Something About Running

You see, there is something about running... (not the physically running, I haven't gotten back into that, even though I should and want to, I mean the life running, going 90-to-nothing thing)...

There's something about running... if you stay busy enough, it takes away the ability and time to be still and know! You lack time of reflection... spiritually, emotionally, and even physically. Ironically, in Psalm 46:10 God says "Be still and know that I am God" - there is power in being still and acknowledging God for His grandeur and glory! It puts us in place, removing us from the place of authority we often attempt to assume, and instead putting God back where He belongs, on the throne of our daily lives!

As I've already mentioned, I've hit the ground running since our return from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The routine and responsibilities begging for my attention (full time work, school, etc) have caused me to be unable to "Be Still and Know". Imagine it like a zip lock bag... the bag is holding all the emotions, processing, and thoughts regarding my time in Ethiopia... from the moment I've stepped off the plane in Memphis, I've had to lock that zip-lock bag - seal it all up, keeping all the things inside within the hold of the bag. This seal has allowed me to do my work, catch up on my studies, take an exam Tuesday, go to class tonight, and handle all the must do to do's... but today, that zip-lock bag was opened a bit and some of the stuff leaked out...

I found while at work this afternoon some of the emotions, thoughts, feelings, struggles, etc came flowing out of that zip-lock bag for a moment. I think it was a combination of a few things... 1. I saw our team leader, Joe for a few seconds at the office when he came to pick up the cd/dvd of pictures we made copies of for the team; 2. listening to Brooke Fraser's song, Albertine; and 3. the zip-lock was full and wanting to spill out. Tears filled my eyes, overwhelming... intense emotion ensured and I knew if I didn't let it freely flow for a few moments, I wouldn't stop it for the rest of the day. No real words came to mind with the emotions/tears, except the following short prayer:
What would you have me do now, Lord? Where do I go from here? Take this, all this, it's yours! Giving You the glory. All about You, Lord... Not about me. Amen.

With that small moment, the zip-lock bag was resealed for the remainder of the day and I "got back to work". I am now home, just arriving from class. I'm physically exhausted, emotionally too. Heading to bed.

Oh, and take the time to listen to the song on the link above, Albertine. I had Mr. McGoo run out and get me the cd today after I heard it, thanks to someone special encouraging me and the rest of the team with it today. It's worth a listen to!

Leaving you a few photos below from Addis Ababa too - both of these are from Tuesday of the journey. One of Mr. McGoo and one of me too (this was midway through a hair braiding/playing session for me... one of MANY!) 


asconway said...

Great metaphor with the ziploc bag. That is so true.

Rachael said...

It definitely is hard to just be still sometimes. It's hard but it is absolutely essential, I'm learning. Thanks for sharing.