Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Team Ethiopia: June 2010

Right before stepping into class this evening, I thought I'd post our team video that our team leader, Joe put together for us. It's hard not for me and Mr. McGoo to get teary eyed when watching it. I'm sure many have seen it already - if not, here you go. And if so... can't hurt to see it again. Less than 5 minutes pulling some of our journey all together. Thanks Joe!

Mr. McGoo and I may put another video together with extended pictures of our journey... the keyword there is MAY, as life is pretty hectic right now as we continue to work to catch up on what we've missed. I'll keep you posted, though, and should we make the video - I'll surely post it on here also! Off to class I go.

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Frank Bryant said...

Great video, even the parts with Mr. McGoo. I especially liked the ending picture.