Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Eyes Are Burning

My eyes are burning. Honestly, they have been for the past couple of days. Sleeping hasn't been coming easy over the last few days. Although my body is beyond exhausted each night, my mind is unable to settle down.

From "To Do Lists" I've created on my own, to other things that really need to be done, to the preoccupation and expectation of what's to come - my mind is running and my body is paying the price of little sleep.

The excitement of our departure Thursday morning is beginning to grow as the days pass... but at the same time, I find myself simply desiring a long, restful night's sleep. Funny huh?

I'm becoming more and more thankful for the fact that we'll have an overnight layover in Washtington, DC Thursday night. I really think it will give Mr. McGoo and I, and our two other teammates we are traveling with the time we need away from the distractions of daily life. A time to be still. A time to breath and prepare for our journey ahead. Granted the 15+ hour flight from DC to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia should also help in that process.

Tomorrow is my last day of work before our departure Thursday. The packing has begun, but will not be completed until tomorrow evening. Lots to be done yet, but the reality is, as long as we have a few clothes packed in our carry-on and we make it there safely... everything will be alright from there. Ethiopia Bound!

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Kelly said...

Excited for you guys! Looking forward to hearing all that God does in YOUR hearts while you're over there.