Thursday, June 24, 2010

Home & Running

Well... we're back in the States... have been for a few days now. We stepped off the plane in Memphis around 6pm Sunday evening. Below is a photo of Team Ethiopia right after we got off the plane in Memphis - - - not too shabby in my book after the ridiculous number of hours we traveled together.

From Left to Right: Liz, Mr. McGoo, Kelly D, Joe, Bonnie, K.C., Mrs. McGoo, Kara, and Tom

From there, after 30+ hours of travel, Mr. McGoo and I were picked up by my rents and youngest sister from the airport and were blessed to come home to an amazingly clean house (littlest sister rocks for that!), a house full of food/snacks (thank you mom, dad, and sis), and two anxious to see us furbabies. We ate dinner with mom, dad, and sis - thanks to them providing take-out and were in bed, exhausted by 915pm. We couldn't be more appreciative for those three things, as it provided the perfect set up for Mr. McGoo and I to really rest once we arrived home!

Monday was thankfully an additional day of rest. We were able to sleep soundly through the night (yay!) and woke Monday morning around 9am. Because he had gotten sick on Friday afternoon of our trip and continued to get worse the last day (Saturday), we decided it best to take Mr. McGoo to the doctor. Once we got him some much needed meds (bronchitis was the diagnosis) and some lunch, we both slept most of the day.

Since that time, I have hit the ground RUNNING and Mr. McGoo is working hard on recovering (proud of him for taking care of himself and doing so!). Although I'm currently moving 90 to nothing with work full time, catching up from school (Tues/Thursday night classes + missed assignments since I've been gone), and other responsibilities of typical life - I find myself missing Ethiopia.... missing the new friends I have made, the culture, the people in general, and especially the children I quickly learned to love. I really think a piece of my heart was left there.

Because I've had so many things to tend to already (and the list is continuing), I have yet to really sit still and begin to fully process all things regarding our trip to Ethiopia. I know that's going to take some extended time for me... especially with the busyness of life. Life didn't stop here at home, while Mr. McGoo and I were in Africa.

In the meantime, however, I am certain of this and want to be sure to share with you... God moved in Ethiopia. He moved in the hearts, souls, and minds of our team members. He moved in me. He was there and continues to be there with the amazing staff and children. And He is a part of The Forsaken Children and that organization's vision, mission, and work in Ethiopia!

I look forward to hashing things out here and there as time allows in the future. Thank you again for your prayer and support all along the way! God is good!


Joe, Karyn, Jack & McLaine said...

YAY! Finally a post. Can't wait to read more as you have time to put your thoughts & experience into words!

asconway said...

Glad to hear from Mrs. McGoo again. Missed you girl!