Friday, July 25, 2008

The Brown Bootie Wully Bug

Fun story to share today. This morning after waking up, letting the dogs out, feeding them, taking a shower, and letting the dogs out again... I took advantage of some extra time to cuddle with my hubby in bed before heading to work.

I snuggled in tight to him while he slept. His arm was up, elbow cocked in a 90 degree angle above my head as I snuggled in. He was sleeping deeply, as I could hear his deep breaths. So comfortable. I continued to relax as I laid there with my hubby, even starting to doze a bit myself...

And then it happened - POW!

Kelly's elbow comes slamming down onto my head. OUCH!

My reaction and feeling his elbow hit me woke Kelly up.

I asked, "what was that?"

And in that completely dazed, I just woke up voice voice Kelly says "I just had a dream."

"About what?"

"You'll laugh if I tell you"

"Well, you just hit me, so what happened?" - I asked, already laughing.

"Well, we were in our car, and a hornet like bug was on our windshield. It has striped green body and a brown bootie. We kept trying to figure out what it was and I asked 'What is it?'. You responded, 'it's the brown bootie wully bug'. Then the bug flew at me, so I flinched"

"yeah, you did! You flinched & hit me upside the head".

We cracked up. What's a brown bootie wully bug, and WHERE did he get that from?! :) An awesome, fun way to start the morning - minus the head trauma.

Moral of the story - Watch out for the Brown Bootie Wully Bug

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Britt said...

Girl----Ryan has punched me in the face before in his sleep. It took some convincing for my mom to believe he wasn't beating me! lol!