Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My puppy has turned into the Spawn of Satan

Yeah, you read the title to this post correctly - my puppy has turned into the spawn of Satan. I'm serious?! I don't know what his deal is, but it's pretty much driving me nuts.

Usually Dexter (that's the puppy) sleeps through the night. We put him in his kennel anywhere from 10-1130pm and he barks at anytime around 6-630am when it's time to get up & get some grub.

However, a week ago & again last night, he was either taken over by a demon wanting to make me go crazy, turned into the spawn of satan, or there is another reason I'm aware of. I'm not sure which. ;) Rather than doing his normal 10something - 6something in the morning routine, he whined for almost an hour when we put him down, then woke me whining and barking throughout the night. Not a quick whine here or there, but a drawn out constant whining for 35 minutes to an hour at a time! The first time it happened I think the times were 3am, 415am, 445am, and 5am when I got out of bed to deal with him. By the 5am slot, I got back into bed and bawled my eyes out, I was SOOO TIRED, and felt absolutely helpless. I couldn't make him stop. The hubby slept through it all that first night. :) Minus the crying - apparently, my tears of frustration and exhaustion were hard enough they shook the bed and woke Kelly up, who hugged me till I passed out in pure exhaustion. That was a long night.

Yeah, well about the same happened last night too, but this time Kelly helped "deal" a time or two and I finally left the bed, went to a room across the house & closed the door to get my 45min of sleep before the alarm would go off. Wow.

What's wrong with our dog?! Kelly's theory in past has been that Dex has multiple personalities - two actually. He has one brown eye, angelic like his mother's, and one blue "bionic" eye (Kelly's word on the bionic, not mine). Well, the blue eye is from his daddy. Needless to say, sometimes he's angelic like his brown eye, and other times he's a punk like his blue eye. :)

This has just been two random extreme cases of it, but I can't handle more sleepless nights!!!

So the game plan.... deal with it, don't take him out or get up to be frustrated at him at all, ignore him all night, every night till he stops this mess. I'm on the search for earplugs so I'll have some sleep during this time of "tough love". :) He gets enough exercise. The first night it happened I had taken him on a walk/jog in the extreme heat - so he wasn't full of too much energy or anything. He's just being a freak!

Dexter is 16 weeks old, growing like crazy, and is overall GREAT. He's way too cute, so often when he does something to tick you off, you forget it within minutes, but this none sleep thing stinks. I'm ready for him to be out of the kennel at night, sleeping on the floor next to our bed, quiet and subdued till we wake up, just like his brother Kodi.

By the way Kodi is the most perfect dog ever. My hubby did a fantastic job on him as a pup, obviously, because he turned out fantastic.

The joys of puppy ownership. I take the good times with the bad, right? And love him, even when at moments he becomes the spawn of Satan. Let's hope that angelic side wins over quickly!


Britt said...

Oh it sucks, but you have to tough love it out. Kaia did that. BTW--that's what having a baby us like too. Ryan sleeping through it and me crying. LOL

Kelly said...

EXACTLY like a baby! I bet you two can't wait to have one now :) Don't worry - Lexi's night time waking only lasted the first 9 MONTHS!!!!!

Mrs. McGoo said...

Dear Lord, Please do not bless us with child yet. A puppy is MORE than enough! Amen.


Kel said...

Double AMEN

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you how much I laughed over this Heather! So funny :) But he is so cute too!

He did pee on my shoe though........

Mrs. McGoo said...

I my goodness! Who's shoe did he pee in? I forgot!!!! Mr or Mrs. Anonymous! And again I apologize over my little wizzer.

Kel said...

I'm pretty sure that's Tab

Mrs. McGoo said...

ha! You're right. I remember now. I'm sorry Tab! Hopefully the random peeing will have stopped by the time you visit next. :)

pattyeveritt said...

see I just dont believe in the "let them cry thing" there is a reason, some dogs are "needy" and kids too, so he probably would sleep in your room in the kennel and not cry as long as he could see you!
we have a "high-strung" collie-short haired and the breeder said they are known to be needy and not to take him if we cant give him the love he will need! -boy -he is at my feet all the time now that Dee Dee is back at college! she likes it I dont!

love and hope a solution comes soon, how about a hot water bottle and one of those'beating heart things like they do for kids!
love aunt patty