Thursday, September 20, 2012

TFC Benefit Dinner

On Thursday, September 13th I had the opportunity to attend The Forsaken Children Benefit Dinner, an annual event to celebrate and advocate for the ministry with local friends, family, and extended networks. 

TFC is stateside organization that advocates for Ethiopia’s children and families by walking closely with Christ-centered Ethiopian partners to help them implement three long-lasting interventions: Christ-centered mentoring, Ethiopian family building and strengthening, and Project sustaining techniques. 

To say that Mr. McGoo and I are passionate about this organization is an understatement. Our journey in 2010 to work with the Ethiopian ministry TFC partners with changed our lives. God used the children and people of Ethiopia to turn our lives in a new direction, or like Mr. McGoo likes to say - we were ruined for the ordinary (coined by a dear friend of ours). 

Although Mr. McGoo was out of town the night of the benefit dinner, I had an opportunity to go. I had friends from my Connecting Point class from Central Church come with me, a few coworkers, and a sweet friend I met in nursing school. 

I thought the event was fabulous - wonderful dinner by Jason's Deli, awesome speaker(s) sharing the call of believers to care for widows and orphan,  how the ministry of TFC works, and how folks can be a part of the team. We also had an art auction at the event, thanks to the donated talent of so many - I bid on numerous pieces, competitively, and somehow walked away with nothing (probably best when I think of my max bid for each, had I won them all, Mr. McGoo would have likely been none too happy)!

Overall the night left me excited for next year's annual TFC event and the opportunity to invite others to join! It was also reminded why I support and advocate for The Forsaken Children - - - the Lord is using the ministry to change lives for the temporary and the eternal!

Some of my Connecting Point class friends!
Beautiful Keysha and Me
If you want to learn more about The Forsaken Children organization and how you can help, go to Even $5 per month makes an incredible impact through this ministry!

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