Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cincy Vaca - King's Island

My handsome hubs and I had an opportunity during my short nursing school break to get away for a long weekend. We enjoyed Mr. McGoo's birthday weekend in Cincinnati, OH. I took a Friday from work, an actual "ME" day to do something fun, unlike when I usually take time off these days (for school). It was great!

We left Thursday night and made our way to downtown Cincy. Our official Cincinnati Adventure began Friday morning. We work and made our way to King's Island. Mr. McGoo grew up in Kentucky, so he has many childhood memories of King's Island. In over 5.5 years of marriage, we had never spent time together at an amusement park, so we were pumped to experience this together. We had a blast!

The weather could not have been ANY any better! Gorgeous day! The park had minimal visitors, so we were able to ride rides repetitively and with ease - taking advantage of each ride 2-3 times each over the course of the 8.5 hour day. We couldn't have asked for a better day in general, if you ask me!

The Diamondback was the best roller coaster I've ever been on. The 2nd and 3rd peak were AS BIG as the highest peaks in other roller coasters. The first peak was worthy of making Mr. McGoo and I question why we got on the ride (or again) when we rode it, panic spurred and the "get me out of here" feeling rose quickly! Once we were halfway down the opening peak, everything else was pure joy - AWESOMENESS!!! There is a pic below with an overview of part of the King's Island grounds - the Diamondback is on the right - see what I mean?! Best roller coaster I've ever had the chance to enjoy - it actually scared me!

Here are the Diamondback details from the King's Island website:

At a Glance

Location: Rivertown
Duration: 3 minutes
Height Requirement: 54 inches
Manufacturer: Bolliger and Mabillard
Speed: 80 mph

  • One of the top-ranked steel roller coasters in the world as voted on by Amusement Today readers and other Industry publications and polls. 
  • The tallest and fastest roller coaster at Kings Island, standing 230 feet at its highest point with a first drop of 215 feet at a 74-degree angle and reaching speeds up to 80 miles per hour. 
  • Diamondback features six drops of more than 100 feet along its 5,282-foot-long course ((215', 193', 131', 129', 110', 106') and a spectacular splashdown ending. 
  • The ride's steep hills and drops provide riders with an abundance of airtime.
  • Adding to the ride experience is the use of unique, open-air, stadium-style seating on the trains which provide all riders with an unobstructed view of all the thrills this steel monster offers.

Mr. McGoo's favorite coaster as a kid
We actually got stock in a tunnel for 20min on the Adventure Express
Stuck in the dark in the Adventure Express tunnel - scary!
View from the Eiffel Tower - see the Diamondback on the right - wow!
Of course, we enjoyed some Soak City time while at the park!

We definitely had a blast on Friday, enjoying the fun that King's Island provided for 8.5 hours of our day. I asked to call it quits at the 8.5 hour mark, choosing to scoot out before we planned. We could have stayed longer to see their firework show, but this lady wanted to get off my feet for the day. It was fun taking this adventure with my handsome man!

In addition to King's Island, our Cincy Vaca included other activities... more updates to come...

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