Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Weekend

As you've noticed (as if there are any of "you" still around), I've been MIA in the blog-o-sphere. I've missed it, missed writing. But especially, I have missed keeping up with the many blogs that I follow and being encouraged, challenged, entertained, and informed by you them. I'm behind in the blog-o-sphere for sure. Life has been at a tempo, I'm not sure even this normal busy body is able to keep. The ability to "make it" truly has only come from one source, Christ and I find myself meditating regularly on three key verses: Isaiah 40:21-31, Philippians 4:6, and Matthew 6:25-34. He has been so faithful, and I've made it this far... 8 days to go to complete the trimester. I'm super close to saying, "one more down!"

Considering the pace of life these days, my blogging isn't the only thing that has suffered. I feel out of touch with friends, family, and at times, even my mate. I don't mean to sound like Nancy Negative - but at the same time I don't want to be fake... it's hard right now. Thankfully the Lord has blessed me with an amazing support network all throughout... lately I've been more humbled than ever by that network (husband, family, friends, church, etc) God has provided and their abundant support, encouragement, and provision.... seemingly just when I need it, right when I'm at breaking point.

Last month, Mr. McGoo and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary! It's doesn't seem like it's been that long, but at the same time it feels longer - - - I'm quickly forgetting what life was like before Mr. McGoo. And have been abundantly blessed the last 5+ years as God has blessed me with him in my life. To celebrate - I got Mr. McGoo a ring:

To celebrate our anniversary, Mr. McGoo took me to Hot Springs, Arkansas - but due to our schedule, Easter weekend was the earliest opportunity for our trip's date. So... this weekend we enjoyed Thursday night thru Sunday morning in Hot Springs and had a great opportunity to hang out with one another without distraction. It was grand! So without further adieu, here is a quick photo log of our trip.

We slept in (YAY!), read, ate a massive pizza at Rod's Pizza Cellar, went to a Secret Church simulcast, watched the races at Oaklawn Park, and ultimately just laid low. It was a perfect weekend.

We made it back to Memphis in time to worship and celebrate Easter with our church family. Following service, we headed to the rents' casa. We enjoyed some time with family, ate a delicious Easter lunch, got Mom and youngest sis signed up on Instagram (encouraging them that surely my BIL would be posting pics frequently once Baby Fisher arrived, no pressure Brent), watched some of the Master's, and headed out to bring our furbaby home.

Home now... back to the grind.

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Nicci said...

So glad y'all got to enjoy each other and Easter weekend! Hope to see you soon!