Sunday, April 29, 2012


Tonight ends my 13 day break from nursing school's Spring Trimester to the Summer 2012 Trimester. I completed Adult I and Pharmacology... passing both, which allows me to continue to the next phase. It has been the quickest 13 days of my life - but days that I am thankful for. I obviously did not blog a single moment of my break (until now) and honestly never really sat down long enough to do so.

Mr. McGoo and I took the approach with my break that we should do things we haven't had as much of an opportunity to do while I'm in school... we hung out together, we hung out with family, we hung out with friends, we went to festivities and events, we I threw a couple parties, we babysat our niece & nephew, and so on. We worked to fit as much in as possible.

Here are a few photos from the last several days...

hosted a family baby shower for middle sis
hostess sisters with the sister Mommy to Be
went to see the Redbirds play with friends - it was packed!
got pedicures with mom and the sisters
our adorable niece and nephew

Lots has really been going on and God is doing some awesome stuff in Mr. McGoo and my life. I miss documenting it all through blogging, but as soon as blogging becomes a stress and not an outlet, it's not a good thing. If and when able, I'll try to share some of the cool things God has been up to! What about you? He's always moving, how have you seen Him lately?

I'm trying to wrap up a few more things before the Summer 2012 trimester begins, but I realize the hour is getting late and good rest is really what I need to begin the next phase of nursing school.



Jillian said...

Good luck with your trimester!! These past 2 weeks have gone by WAY too fast! Hopefully I'll see you around campus...

Mrs. McGoo said...

Thanks Jill - you too! I know you'll do great. Remember (same thing I daily tell myself), one thing at a time. You got it!