Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Study Material

So... I'm certain that Dex is not a fan of all this studying and paying attention to books that his mama does while at home... often keeping me from loving on him to his liking. He has shown me this with many of his to dos, one of which I documented here showing how he puts his head on my books and won't move.

Last night, he showed me once again his disdain for my study habits and school pursuits...

Mr. McGoo was away in Starkville, MS with some friends watching his beloved CATS take on the Dawgs in men's basketball. I walked into the house after class and knew something was up as soon as I didn't have a visual of Dexter from the doorway (meaning he was hiding).

I walked into the backroom where he's confined to find the book (on the left) looking like....

THIS on his bed! 

The entire plastic cover devoured and left for me in a nice throw-up like treat on the other side of the room (I didn't photograph that, you're welcome). In addition, he grabbed my note card filing box and when it popped open from the pressure of his mouth, he devoured the note cards I had made also (probably 10 total). Yummy!

Guess I'll have a story every time I pull out this drug reference book for the rest of my school career - never short of an adventure!

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