Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Week

This week, with the birth of our nephew, Tristan, Mr. McGoo and I have the pleasure of hanging out with our niece, Grace, all week. She's staying with us (since Sunday afternoon), so we're playing the role in getting her ready, taking and picking her up from school, helping with homework, making lunches, etc. and the fun stuff included too: singing (Mr. McGoo) and dancing (Mrs. McGoo) to music together, working on some craft projects, etc.

We thought we'd have her this weekend too, but she's heading out to visit her grandmother after school tomorrow, so I think we'll attempt to continue our adventures the following weekend. We've had lots to do and projects begun, so we definitely want to find the time to complete some of those items and get the opportunity to hang with this fun-loving, goofy 9 year old as much as possible!

Here's a photo to share, but I'll have another post later filled with a good variety of pictures to show a bit more about the week.

This is the first time Grace held her little brother. So cute!

Oh, fun comment and conversation with Grace last night at dinner... We were talking about school and she mentioned social studies, so I asked, "What did u learn in social studies today?". She replied, "Oh, we talked about the old days, you know, back in the 1980's when they didn't have phones or cars. They rode horses back then". Mr. McGoo and I just laughed.


Erin Marie Adelman said...

I think its time for Grace to have a cousin :)

Frank Bryant said...

I am sure that you and McGruban make a great aHeather and uKelly.

Rachael said...

haha! my sister is 13 and she makes me feel old sometimes!