Thursday, March 31, 2011


The other day I was sitting on the back patio of our house, enjoying the warmer spring like weather (which by the way has quickly turned back to cold and dreary days... figures, I live in Memphis).

I sat on our patio in a chair with my laptop and a cup of Chai Latte, working on some things as I enjoyed the warm breeze and the sounds of the outdoors while my furbabies piddled around in the backyard looking for something to get into.

After some time, Kodi Bear came onto the patio and laid down beside my chair, seemingly taking in the nice weather, warm sunshine, and special time with his momma. Dexter however, the crazy Husky fur pup that he is NEVER ONCE SAT DOWN on his one.

As Dexter ran to and fro, all over our backyard, up and down from the patio, and all around, I began to get distracted and annoyed by his constant go. I asked him to sit down next to me, he obeyed. I asked him to lay down, he obeyed. Yet, less than a minute later he was back to his pacing to and fro, running from here to there and back again, and constantly jumping up to the patio and down again.

I watched him for awhile, wondering how long he would keep this insanity going. It continued...And then I went from annoyed to highly annoyed, completely distracted, and wished that Dexter would just sit, rest, and enjoy the day with me for awhile.

- - -

Funny thing is, a few hours after we came back into the house and I was thinking over my afternoon with our furbabies, I felt God telling me that often, I am like Dexter.

I am like my fur pup that is constantly on the go, running from here to there without a stop to rest, relax, and enjoy the day with my Maker without prodding.

Sure, I'll obey when I hear God say "sit" or "lay down", but like Dexter, my obedience is short lived... rather than resting in the sitting or laying down with the Lord for any length of time, I'm up again running. Just like I became annoyed by Dexter's constant unrest, I imagine that the Lord often shakes His head at me, thinking, when will you ever just come to me on your own and rest? I'm waiting. I'm here. Are you coming?

Talk about a realization.

So in keeping with the personalities of my two furbabies, I want to work to be more like our furbaby, Kodi, enjoying the blessings of my Papa and resting in Him being nearby!

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Brent Kee said...

I always think this about Maeby too, she never sits down.

But one could also rationalize that Dexter is also enjoying all the things the Lord has given. He's taking in every moment and enjoying his busyness and curiosity.

Robin and I have talked about how busy you seem to be sometimes, but the fact that you seem to enjoy the busyness. That's just how you work. So if you find joy from being busy, maybe it's not as bad as you think!

Maybe a mix of Dex and Kodi is best?