Friday, July 2, 2010

Blue Ridge Mountain Vacation

The Wilson family heads to the Blue Ridge Mountains tomorrow for our family vacation. I cannot wait! Mr. McGoo and I are heading out to meet my parents, my sister & brother in law that live in Nashville, and the youngest sis - her boyfriend will also be a part of the festivities for a day or two. This is the first family vacation since the two Wilson girls have been wed (first one, me in March 2007, and second one, middle sis in September 2008). Our last vacation together before that was pre-weddings, in February of  2006 when we enjoyed a cruise together (photo to the right). THAT was a great vacation and turned out to be our last before son in laws came a part of the Wilson family world - our lives were changed forever, ha ha! Mr. McGoo and my B.I.L. will get to experience the Wilson family in full form for 5 nights and 4 full days + some. It's going to be a blast!

As I mentioned, we're headed to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia. We've rented a cabin to house us all, and are looking forward to not having the day to day life distractions in the way of visiting with one another. Mr. McGoo and I have enjoyed cabins by this same company, in this same area, on multiple occasions and have much to look forward to! Below is a photo from the website of our cabin this go around. We've made a food menu for the week (Saturday to Thursday) and have split up the purchasing responsibilities. We'll cook together, eat together, go adventure together, and just soak up the R&R. I look forward to sharing stories along the way of our adventure/journey - - - internet connection is supposed to be possible while we're there.

For me, this vacation couldn't come at a better time. You might be thinking - hey, you were just out of the country for 10 days - vacation already? But, I really think it was all God on the timing of this trip! Since our return from Ethiopia, to which I really haven't written any big reflections about yet due to the two weeks that I've been experiencing since our arrival home,... I have been swamped. Full time work, which has been hustling and bustling, school Tuesday & Thursday nights, catching up on missed assignments for two week's worth of lectures, multiple exams, lack of sleep, going away parties for a close friend that is moving away, presentations about our trip to Ethiopia, etc... I'm pretty much at breaking point saying, "I NEED A BREAK AND REST!". I'm exhausted. So exhausted, I told my husband and sister today that I'm irritable and feeling not nice in my mind. And voila - here is vacation. I'm so thankful! Thank you, Lord! Time to unwind, time to BE STILL, and time to just love on my family!

I'm praying for time (and hoping Mr. McGoo will keep me accountable) each morning to go sit by myself, whether on the rocking chair outside on the porch or walking down into the forest, but time alone in the morning to have my time to BE STILL AND KNOW... time to read in the Word and let the Holy Spirit renew me! I need it and am looking forward to it!

I want to read. I want to work on our McGugan Mailer update regarding our journey to Ethiopia. I want to need to study for Pathophysiology because I have another exam the Thursday of the week we come back home. I want to visit with my sisters, brother in law, and parents (youngest sis' boyfriend too!)! I want to white water raft! I want to tube down another river - think lazy river. And I want to just soak up the scenery. Vacation here we come!!! I'm pumped!

And just for fun, here (above) is a photo of the "kids" my parents will be putting up with this week in GA. We took this one in August last year for the "August Birthday Celebration". You see, the Middle Sis & Mr. McGoo share a birthday date and the BIL has a birthday just five days following the other two. From L to R: BIL (Brent), Middle Sis (Robin), Youngest Sis (Kelsey), Mrs. McGoo & Mr. McGoo


Frank Bryant said...

You only have one assignment this week - chaparone Kel and my future NILK. You have no other responsibilties so rest!

Mrs. McGoo said...

I know NIL... where does the K come from?

Thanks UFrank. Love ya'll!

Steve Riser said...

You are coming back from Ethiopia. I'm leaving for Colorado. I'm coming back from Colorado and you guys are headed to the Blue Ridge Mountains. I guess we'll catch up early August.... :) You guys have a great time.

Larry McGugan said...

Have fun and Happy 4th of July.