Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another Day

Today (Thursday) has been a tough one for me. I did not sleep well last night, waking with a nightmare or two (odd, before last night I couldn't tell you the last time I had one of those) and unfortunately woke up with a timid and somewhat upset stomach this morning. It has continued most of the day, although I have not thrown up, nor feel as if I need to. I just feel a bit unsettled, a little nauseous, and super tired (NO - I'm not pregnant).

Desiring to hopefully work through the uneasiness of my body, I went ahead and started the day as normal. By 2pm or so, I was not feeling better. I decided to give my body what it seemed to be craving - REST. I got dropped off at the guesthouse, came up to the room and slept until Mr. McGoo arrived at 6pm (3hr nap). I'm still feeling exhausted and a bit unsettled, but am praying I'm like new in the morning.

Although I missed it, today we had our second girls football session. It was scheduled for yesterday and many girls came with great anticipation, but we had to cancel yesterday due to the length of the community coaches meeting that was behind held at Onesimus. I had a chance to sit with all the girls for a quick bit and let them know about the cancellation, the reason for it, and the expectation of tomorrow (today). I gave them an overview of what we'd work on: communication with your teammates, passing, dribbling, a few games/scrimmages, and if they were "good", I might have a prize for them. They were a little disappointed about missing Wednesday, but definitely looked forward to today. I told them that we'd "leave the boys behind and go have a good time". :)

Thankfully, Mr. McGoo took over for me today with the session. I bet he'll say a little about that on a future blog of his own, but I'm thankful that he's in the know, probably more than me anyway, and was able to utilize the time and not disappoint!

To leave today's post on a bit more positive note, yesterday (Wed), I brought out the "big" camera and started taking JUMPING PICTURES with the children and staff. HILARIOUS as always, and they ALL got a huge kick out of it. Here are some for me to share... I'm planning on trying to get copies of these printed for the folks because I have a feeling they'd be more than excited to show it off to others.

Thank you for your prayers.

Please continue to pray that there is LESS OF ME and Mr. McGoo and MORE of Christ showing through and in us to each child, adult, and random person we are in contact with. God is definitely at work and we want to be ready and available as a vessel for Him as He chooses. Thank you!

We're headed out of Addis Ababa tomorrow (Friday) to Lake Awassa with Nega (director of Onesimus) and his wife, Emu (also works in the Onesimus ministry leg/department). We are looking forward to seeing Ethiopia outside of the city of Addis Ababa. The lake is about 4 hours away and we're praying that this time not only gives us an opportunity to further invest in our relationship with these two amazing people, but that God also uses this time to recharge their batteries, spoil them a bit, offer them rest, and gives them time away from distraction to connect with each other! We should be blogging and updating while there, but just in case internet becomes touch and go we'll be gone from Friday until Monday! Until we meet again.

UPDATE: Feeling MUCH better now. Thank you for your prayers. Taking it easy, eating some dinner, and getting some liquids have seemed to make a big difference, but I imagine prayers have done the most. We've enjoyed a night skyp'ing with our little sis and TFC friends, as well as playing cards with Kelly D - she just left to head back home to the US. Please keep her and her travels in your prayers.