Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Neil Fisher Kee

Sunday we had the opportunity to meet our 4 day old nephew, Neil Fisher Kee. He was born Wednesday, May 16th at 3:04pm: 7lbs 9oz and 20 inches long.

Unfortunately Mr. McGoo and I could not get away from Memphis until late Saturday night due to school and work, so we greeted the Kee household a little after 8am with breakfast in hand for the new mommy and daddy and grandparents (my rents). After completing my eats and baby Fisher enjoying some of his own with his momma, we were introduced to our nephew for the first time.

He's perfect.

We had a great time spending all day with Fisher and the family Saturday - 8something until 10pm. I held him every chance I got and was mesmerized by God's creation... every wrinkle and joint within his hands, every eyelash, every movement. A miracle indeed.

Mom and Dad Kee are doing awesome. Perfect teamwork is fully underway and they are smitten! I loved being able to see them work together and spend time with them throughout the day as I held the little man. We're looking forward to our next adventure to visit. In the meantime, we're waiting on the next photo sent our way because no doubt this boy will be growing fast!

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Sarah Turner said...

So sweet! Fisher was the top boy name of ours that we obviously haven't used. Love it! I can't wait til I have little nieces or nephew of my own to spoil!