Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Heart Aches

In exactly one week, my hubby, Mr. McGoo and seven others from Central Church will be heading out of Memphis to travel to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to work with The Forsaken Children's partner ministry, Onesimus.

This journey will the 3rd for Mr. McGoo in twelve months time. I am unable to go this time due to my school schedule. Mr. McGoo is leading the team this year and I'm excited to see what God does in and through them on this journey.

It's finally starting to HIT ME that I'm not going. I'm sending this time rather than a GOER, and that is how God intended it to be. Although I'm excited for the eight making their way there, my heart also aches a little in sadness of the faces I will not see, the hugs I'll be unable to give and receive, and the laughter I will be unable to hear.

I came upon this photo from our journey in December, and smiled as the ache in my heart settled in. This is Nati, often nicknamed Naughty, but my buddy regardless. Look at that smile on his face?!

I long to be there with my friends. I long to go, but am confident that God gives an opportunity to serve the ones I love and care for all the way from home. I can advocate for them. I can raise money for them. I can pray for them!

And I so look forward to the stories and photos to come...


Randall Johnson said...

Bless you, Heather!

Katie said...

How are you holding up, girl? I know you wish you were in Ethiopia right now & I don't blame you one bit! I love the picture of you and Nati - TOO CUTE!