Monday, April 11, 2011


A couple weeks ago, Mr. McGoo and I stepped into our house after a day out and about and were greeted by a nasty smell. Although I had cleaned the day before, complete with vacuuming, dusting, bathrooms, etc, the house smelled musty, stagnant, and almost semi-sewage like. Lovely!

Not a good compliment to a lady that tries hard to keep the house clean and semi-models her mother in keeping a clean home (ps. I'm NOWHERE close to mom's amazing cleanliness, but I'm working towards that goal - my many to do's, work and school often make me slack unlike my mother ever does, but when I clean, I clean like a champ working to get a home looking in tip-top mom Wilson shape).

We had no idea what the smell was, but finally discovered that it had to be coming from under the house... we called our plumber and set up a date to find the problem and hopefully provide a solution. A few days later, smell still coming and going, we had our neighbor (who is Mr. Handyman Fix It for a living) check out the problem area. He discovered there was a leak in our piping, which our plumber took care of the next day.

Would you say this would cause a leak?

Ummm yeah! Who knows how long that has been going on underneath our house! TWO MASSIVE HOLES in that pipe! Needless to say, Mr. McGoo had the plumber replace all of the line underneath the house - the old stuff, and I do mean OLD is shown in the second photo.

The joys of an old house!

Thankfully we had a warm weekend and I believe most of the standing water has cleared up and the smell has disappeared! Praise God we found it sooner than later, as the problem would only have increased!

Here's to a good smelling home, once again!


Rachael said...

yikes! but in my opinion, the charm and character of an old house is so worth dealing with these kinds of things! (just as long as they don't happen to often!) :)

Katie said...

Ugh...the joys of owning a home! I agree with you, though, about the charm of older houses. Glad you got it taken care of!

Cindy said...

Tks for the compliment :)

Frank Bryant said...

What has Mr. McGoo been consuming that will eat up your pipes?